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Maruti Suzuki Finance helps customers realize their dream of owning a car, with deals right at the dealership. Starting from choosing the right financier to the completion of loan formalities, we are there for our customers at every step of the auto finance process.

Advantages Of Maruti Finance
One-stop-shop for customers’ needs

Maruti Suzuki Finance offers customers the convenience of a one-stop-shop for all their vehicle financing needs, from choosing the financier to the disbursal of loans. You can complete all your finance-related formalities at the dealership where you buy your car - all under one roof!

Wide choice of financiers

Maruti Suzuki Finance has a tie-up with 34 finance partners like Sundaram Finance Car Loan, Shriram Car Finance and Bajaj Finance Car Loan, who have a pan-India presence. This provides a wide variety of choices to customers, who can avail financing from any of these partners according to their needs and profiles.

Special offers and benefits

Maruti Suzuki Finance collaborates with its finance partners to offer low down payment schemes, low interest rates and other promotional offers that are not available otherwise. Their representatives also help customers with the best car finance interest rates at the wide network of Maruti Suzuki dealerships across the country.

Customer delight

Maruti Finance, through its finance partners, endeavours to create customer delight by providing the best car finance, a financier for every profile and geography, better interest rates, processing times and much more.